Notary sworn translators who are experts in their subjects. Qualified, rapid and reliable translation services.


Unsurpassed network of scientific and technical interpreters providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services


We notarize and certify any document for you upon request. Notary approvals for use in the USA, Canada, or Australia may be developed by our team on demand.

Exceptional Quality of Service

The translator must translate and proofread his or her work while respecting the current terminology. He or she may possibly draw up a list of questions about the original text and will add to and enrich the glossary database.


Each piece of work is carried out and checked in six stages:
1. Understanding terminology
2. Translation (using existing glossaries and possibly reference books and documents)
3. Creation of a glossary approved by the client (with possible updating during the translation process)
4. Proofreading by translators for accuracy
5. Checking by proofreader prior to final approval (consistency and coherence of the terminology, harmonization of text and quality of style...)
6. Final checking process and page layout





Our proofreaders are responsible for checking that the translated text complies with the original and that the terminology is respected. They must also find answers to any unanswered questions, check for discrepancies in style, make sure the spelling and syntax are impeccable and finally proofread the whole document.


Our project manager is responsible for the overall monitoring of each client request and liases with the customer and the translator. One of her important tasks is to make sure that each project will be completed on time, if not earlier than expected.